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The Wolf Virus Is Spreading To Washington State

Bad news for all sportsmen living in Washington State, if you haven’t heard the news already. Some politicians in Washington state have embraced the reintroduction of wolves into their state. It sure would be tough though to find a hunter, sportsmen or rancher in the state of Washington that is happy and not outraged with wolves in their backyard.

As the feds (animal rights groups) continue to push their wolf agenda, it’s the sportsmen, wildlife and ranchers that suffer. The only people who want the wolves to be reintroduced are the animal rights groups and the liberal politicians who are taking money from the animal rights groups.

The Washington State Fish and Wildlife Commission just approved wolf proliferation in their state. For a detailed account of the commission decision to adopt a “wolf management plan” Click here to read.

Here’s what Big Game Forever had to say and we couldn’t agree more with them.

“Folks, wolves, the ESA and the federal government is a destructive combination for wildlife.  George Santayana once said,”Progress, far from consisting in change, depends on retentiveness. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Here is one quote from the article that illustrates the fundamental disconnect inherent in the commission’s reasoning: [Commission chairwoman Miranda Wecker] pointed out that currently the state has an “excellent relationship” with USFWS, and called the clusterfunkle of management in the Northern Rockies, which saw wolves exceed recovery goals in 2002 but state management delayed by lawsuits, “absolutely terrible.”

Another quote: Phil Anderson, director of the Department of Fish & Wildlife, said that in discussions with the USFWS, the Feds sounded “anxious to downlist wolves as soon as possible, anxious to turn over management to the state.”

Here is the truth, USFWS is a great facilitator of wolf expansion, but a huge impediment when it comes time to fulfill commitments for state management of wolves.  More importantly, legally and politically the system must be changed if there is any hope for a different outcome for Washington State.  USFWS can do nothing to stop the endless cycles of litigation that will prevent wolf management when it is most needed. The open-ended nature of ESA litigation allows almost anyone to stop wolf management, notwithstanding commitments by USFWS and notwithstanding the provisions within Washington State’s management plan. The current system does not work to protect wildlife.

Bottom line, the Feds continue to make progress in their plan to push wolves into 97.5% of all elk in America.  If we don’t stop these plans, if the system is not fundamentally changed by returning management authority to the states, the future of wildlife in America looks bleak.”

We’ve received dozens and dozens of emails from angry sportsmen living in Washington state who are outraged over this. They know full well what is going to happen to their big game herds. This is where all sportsmen living not only in Washington state but across America need to step up, contact their state’s politicians and voice their opinions against the reintroduction of the non-native Canadian Gray Wolf. If we don’t stop them they will continue to spread throughout the western states like a virus, wiping out our big game herds. – Hunters Against PETA

One Response to “The Wolf Virus Is Spreading To Washington State”

  1. Larry Adams says:

    Here we go. You can’t hunt cougars with dogs – what does this do to the deer and elk population? Now the wolves, ask the hunters in Idaho and Montana how that is working for them. I am a state employee and I feel the WDFW is not doing their job. We are screwed. They will bleed us for licenses and permits until there is no more revenue for them and no more hunting for us. Many folks have already quit hunting because of the poor results. What is their agenda? I don’t think it is wildlife management; it is more like get all the money you can, then satisfy the liberals. State government, especially WDFW is rampant with liberals who embrace this philosophy.

    Call and email your representative – Good Luck!

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