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Hunters Against PETA Membership

We are not a Non-Profit Organization. The entire crew (staff) here at HAP uses their own money and time to fight for sportsmen’s rights and support this organization. 100% of the proceeds of all apparel sales goes to the fight for our rights! We do offer Hunters Against PETA exclusive memberships now, available for only those who are very serious about protecting our rights. You can still join for free though, that option will always be available above in the “Join the Fight for Your Rights” section of the website.

With the paid membership comes certain rights and perks not available to anyone else. You’ll have to join to find out.

With a paid membership you’ll automatically receive a high quality hat or shirt of your choice and a high quality-durable 5″ X 8″ window sticker.

Choose which hat or shirt you’d like from the options below.

100% of the proceeds from your membership goes to the fight for our rights!

Join the fight for our rights now!