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Our Mission

bull_moose_kkOur mission is to preserve the rights, freedoms and traditions our forefathers fought and died for – the right and freedom to hunt forever. By educating those people who are ignorant to the benefits of hunters and hunting. By showing those people who don`t know or refuse to know all the good and beneficial things hunters have done and continue to do to preserve and sustain our wildlife.

Our mission is to preserve our wildlife and lands by planting and spreading natural food on wintering ranges during the spring and summer months to help our big game better survive harsh winters.

Our mission is to preserve as much public land as possible.

Our mission is to keep the predators from wiping out our deer and elk herds.

Our mission is to keep the spirit of hunting alive forever so that our kids and future generations can enjoy and come to love hunting and nature as much as we do.

Our fight is against those who fight and oppose us. Those who try to shut us down and take away our freedoms. Those who call us “killers-murderers” and all kinds of vile names. Those who would do us bodily harm or harm to our property because of our love for hunting.

Our fight is with you anti-hunters the self proclaimed “animal lovers.”

Those who oppose us, prepare yourselves – we will not be the silent majority anymore.

Make no mistake. Hunting is not a privilege, it is a God given right.

Hunters Against PETA

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