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National Geographic Becoming Anti-Hunting? – You Have Our Support Melissa Bachman

Melissa Bachman has become a great leading voice for women in the hunting world.

She was recently supposed to appear in National Geographic’s new series that will be focused around the wilds of Alaska.

National Geographic pulled her from the series after animal rights activists got involved.

“Fans, The National Geographic Channel has carefully considered the public discussion of our series on surviving the wilds of Alaska currently in production and premiering sometime next year. Upon further reflection we plan to eliminate one of the survivalists from the ensemble cast, Melissa Bachman. Hunting is not the focus of the show, and we regret the misinformation that has clouded what we hope will be an exciting adventure series set in the incredible Alaskan landscape.”

Tim Martell, an animal rights activist, 42, started a petition to remove Bachman Thursday and wrote a note attached to the petition (read below). The petition gathered more than 14,000 signatures.

“Melissa is a heartless trophy hunter who has killed hundreds of animals without purpose. National Geographic should distance themselves from her.”

“Please sign this petition today and let National Geographic know that we do not support trophy killing. We will not watch the Nat Geo channel until they agree not to condone or support trophy killing by doing business with wildlife killer Melissa Bachman.”

Since this petition started and has become more popular, Melissa has been receiving death threats from animal rights activists. Some claiming that they are going to find her and kill her.

“Melissa Bachman is a lifelong hunter who began hunting at an early age with her family. She graduated with honors and a double major in TV broadcasting and Spanish from St. Cloud State University, shortly after starting her career as a TV intern. Since then, her hunting prowess has been celebrated across the outdoor industry.”

Please go here now and sign the petition to support and keep Melissa Bachman on Alaska Survival.

Does National Geographic not know that hunters/sportsmen are the true stewards of the land and wildlife? Nobody cares or does more for the land and wildlife than hunters/sportsmen.

Send National Geographic an email letting them know that you will not be supporting their TV channel or magazine any longer. Click here now or copy their email address and send them an email:

It’s a shame to see something like this happen to a good person like Melissa Bachman. She’s a great spokesperson for the hunting industry. Please go sign the petition and show your support for Melissa – a fellow hunter. By showing your support for her you’re also showing your support for the hunting industry. – Hunters Against PETA

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51 Responses to “National Geographic Becoming Anti-Hunting? – You Have Our Support Melissa Bachman”

  1. Lisa says:

    David, I think you are wrong about trophy animal meat going to feed the homeless. I worked at a restaurant whe I was in college & had suggested that we could maybe donate the absurd amount of food that we threw away on a nightly basis, but found out that there are rules & regulations against that. Apparently they (understandably) want to besurethatthe food is prepared in a safe manner- not unlike school lunches. Given that a legitimate restaurant was unable to donate cooked food, I am finding it hard to believe that one could just roll up to a homeless shelter with allege slab of meat (not USDA inspected) & just drop it off. Restaurants that advertise “wild game” are selling you meat that is raised on farms. It is not legal to collect animals from the wild & sell their meat to consumers.
    I am not anti-hunting, but shooting a lion just seems dumb, as well as shooting a zebra. I can’t really wrap my mind around it & I honestly feel like it’s in bad taste do do so & then plaster the pictures on the Internet. Just my opinion.

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