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National Geographic Becoming Anti-Hunting? – You Have Our Support Melissa Bachman

Melissa Bachman has become a great leading voice for women in the hunting world.

She was recently supposed to appear in National Geographic’s new series that will be focused around the wilds of Alaska.

National Geographic pulled her from the series after animal rights activists got involved.

“Fans, The National Geographic Channel has carefully considered the public discussion of our series on surviving the wilds of Alaska currently in production and premiering sometime next year. Upon further reflection we plan to eliminate one of the survivalists from the ensemble cast, Melissa Bachman. Hunting is not the focus of the show, and we regret the misinformation that has clouded what we hope will be an exciting adventure series set in the incredible Alaskan landscape.”

Tim Martell, an animal rights activist, 42, started a petition to remove Bachman Thursday and wrote a note attached to the petition (read below). The petition gathered more than 14,000 signatures.

“Melissa is a heartless trophy hunter who has killed hundreds of animals without purpose. National Geographic should distance themselves from her.”

“Please sign this petition today and let National Geographic know that we do not support trophy killing. We will not watch the Nat Geo channel until they agree not to condone or support trophy killing by doing business with wildlife killer Melissa Bachman.”

Since this petition started and has become more popular, Melissa has been receiving death threats from animal rights activists. Some claiming that they are going to find her and kill her.

“Melissa Bachman is a lifelong hunter who began hunting at an early age with her family. She graduated with honors and a double major in TV broadcasting and Spanish from St. Cloud State University, shortly after starting her career as a TV intern. Since then, her hunting prowess has been celebrated across the outdoor industry.”

Please go here now and sign the petition to support and keep Melissa Bachman on Alaska Survival.

Does National Geographic not know that hunters/sportsmen are the true stewards of the land and wildlife? Nobody cares or does more for the land and wildlife than hunters/sportsmen.

Send National Geographic an email letting them know that you will not be supporting their TV channel or magazine any longer. Click here now or copy their email address and send them an email:

It’s a shame to see something like this happen to a good person like Melissa Bachman. She’s a great spokesperson for the hunting industry. Please go sign the petition and show your support for Melissa – a fellow hunter. By showing your support for her you’re also showing your support for the hunting industry. – Hunters Against PETA

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50 Responses to “National Geographic Becoming Anti-Hunting? – You Have Our Support Melissa Bachman”

  1. Anonymous says:

    You are serious? I hope you die alone – losers. I wish to have some money and kill you myself!

  2. Suzana Bonnard says:

    You are all pathetic human beings!! You all hide behind a gun and pull the trigger. Why dont you face all these animals?!?! FACE TO FACE? I SAID FACE TO FACE!!!! Its because you dont have the guts. Accept the fact that these animals are much stronger than us! Be sure that all of you are nothing, but all sadistics assholes!

  3. Walter says:

    Are you insane? Is this a sport? Really? No, You don’t have our support. Ever.

  4. Walter says:

    I hope I’ll see you in hell. To be my hunting thing.

  5. Dalebill says:

    What a disgusting woman who kills innocent animals for fun while the rest of the feeling world is trying to conserve the decreasing number of wild life! She should be banned from all jobs where she deals with the general public. She represents heartless people who can only feel strong by destroying another living being and mindlessly bragging about it to make matters worse. She doesn’t have a nurturing bone in her body and sets a terrible example for children. A hunter should only kill for food but, unfortunately, those with weak and sick egos drive them to kill for sport. She is a pathetic poor excuse for a woman!

    Read more:

  6. Karen London says:

    Hunters = pure shit. Nuffield said. I hope all hunters die screaming. Thanks

  7. Louis says:

    I think that´s a good time to start hunting the hunters.

  8. John says:

    You are no hunter if you use a gun or premade weapon of any kind. Get dropped into Safari with you hands and feet – make a weapon from scratch and fight to survive and eat, like a caveman.

    All you are is someone who shoots poor defenseless endangered animals from a far for sport. Nothing impressive. Dispicable at best. To take life for no reason and life of an endangered animal is so stupid I can’t fathom how you think this is a good idea. When generations have no lions left and they are just cartoon characters, will you have accomplished your goal? What is your goal exactly? When have you won you war? When all the lions are dead? What will you hunt next? You won’t have lion to hunt. How will you quench your unquenchable thirst for sniffing out life from animals? There’s something truly wrong with people who hunt and not for food but instead for fun. One notch away from a murderer. I ask you to address me. Or go do my challenge… Get dropped into Safari and see how you do. Then you will see what a real hunter is. No guns – no sport. A pride will eat you – but I hope someone takes a photo of them over you… At least they will be celebrating dinner and not just the thrill of murder. You are disgusting. I wish you the worst. You are what’s wrong with the humans. I hope your days are filled with misery.

    With hate disgust and ill wishes,

  9. chris says:

    Why in the f*** would you kill a lion? damn… I just don’t get it.

  10. Stanley Mann says:


  11. Raymond Kennedy says:

    FACT: You are all evil human beings and the world will, FACT: Be a better place when you die.
    If you cannot see how repugnant killing an innocent animal is then you are seriously mentally unbalanced.
    I hope your death comes swiftly and painfully.

  12. KATINA says:

    WHAT THE F***?…….is this a joke? if i have the opportunity i will put a rifle inside melissa’s mouth and i will shoot

  13. Paul goodell says:

    Haha look at all the butthurt anti hunting idiots saying mean things. I’m gonna’ go kill more now just for you douchebags hahahhah!

  14. Marcos Beaumont says:

    Your petition, philosophy and the website are disgusting… killing animals for fun is not a God giving right my friend… we human hunted to eat and survive… stupid ignorance on your genes!

  15. CW says:

    Rhetoric and hypocrisy is what I hear coming from all of you. As for those of you that want to Incite violence; by all means put your money and chicken shit threats where your mouths are.

  16. CW says:

    Melissa Bachman,

    You are beautiful and great at what you do, so keep doing what you do. I am a huge fan of yours and an avid hunter /outdoorsman; I also realize the reality of this world and the animals within it. With that being said I know you are in the right, and these animals are in no danger of becoming extinct. You have a huge fan base with lots of support.

    By the way when are they going to come out with your swim suit pin-up calendar? I would for sure buy one, so let’s see it happen. Hunt hard, hunt long, hunt ethically and protect the rights to our life style and traditions.

    Haters will always attack the things they don’t understand.

  17. CW says:

    I wish I had the publicity to make my successful hunting ventures known to the masses. I have lots of great pics with trophy animals I have taken, and great memories to go along with them.

    Just wondering when all of these people will stop trying to push their belief of right and wrong on people. All you anti-hunting people need to stay in your lane (go to the grocery store and keep your mouths shut) and leave us alone. I’m sorry you no longer understand how to actually provide for yourselves and love suckling off the Obama tit, yep shit just got real!

  18. TM says:

    Exactly what law was broken? Some of you threaten her just because you don’t agree. If you don’t like it then change the laws. How about having a police officer threaten to kill you because he/she doesn’t like the way you drive even though you haven’t broken any laws? Just doesn’t make sense. Effect change or shut up!

  19. pro melissa says:

    im surprised that so many people are anti-hunting but pro murder. weird huh? i expected more from people who claim to have the best interests of all living things on this planet at heart. making threats on someone’s life, no matter what they did, is never ok. is that what you teach people? that if you don’t like someone its ok go threaten them and incite violence? shame on you! what melissa did might be wrong in your eyes, but what your doing is wrong as well.

  20. New Hunter says:

    I do not hunt. But I am going to start now. Reading the comments of people threatening to kill someone who hunts reminds me of how crazy people have become. When regular people do not speak out against crazies we let the crazies have power they do not deserve. So I am speaking out and your hateful comments just created another hunter so keep up the good work!

  21. HuntersAgainstPETA says:

    @New Hunter – Glad to hear it!

  22. Ed Makovich says:

    Look at all the stupid people leaving death threats!! You animaltards are brain damaged.

  23. go melissa says:

    It baffles me that these people who claim to be supportive of ALL life are so quick to threaten to kill other people. You’re talking about how morally corrupt it is to hunt an animal and eat it–where do you think the meat that YOU eat comes from? If the worry is the environment and the animal’s habitat, how do you justify living in a home on deforested land where animals have been displaced in YOUR place? Some people are so uneducated and ignorant. Also, if you’re going to threaten someone, at LEAST have some proper grammar.

  24. HUNTER says:

    WE HUNTERS NEED a PURGE NIGHT to hunt all you idiots who are against hunting. You definitely don’t know why hunting is so important to do and control animal population. Read about it so you don’t look so stupid. I SUPPORT MELISSA BACHMAN.

  25. Maynard Sorensen says:


    people for the injesting of tasty animals. that is the good PIta. the god Pita…They dont kill animals they just eat them. shame on those hypocrites!!!

  26. Anonymous says:

    First of all, I respect and love animals and I don’t eat meat. Second of all, I understand that hunting is needed for survival and that it is usually more humane to kill an animal with one shot than to send it to a slaughterhouse. My dad is a hunter and has always been, but he doesn’t kill for sport, he hunts to survive. Killing an animal for a trophy is (in my opinion) completely unnecessary and inhumane. After all, humans are animals, too. Now, I agree with all the people wanting to kill this lady, but that’s because I’m a sociopath and animals have shown greater kindness to me than evil humans. However, I don’t think any person should actually kill this lady, I just hope that one day, she fires too late and she dies at the mercy of the endangered animal she chooses to kill next. It would only be fair, no? To die at the hands of a superior beast? That’s what happened to our unlucky ancestors, because they acty had to fight to survive. They didn’t have a van or a high power rifle. They didn’t kill just to have a taxidermied animal in their bedroom. They hunted for the food and used every part of the animal they could and even honored it. Killing for survival is one thing, but killing to be a barbarian and gain some high fives from your redneck hunting buddies, that’s a whole new low for the human race. I am ashamed to be genetically related to you. I hope karma gets you good someday.

  27. joe says:

    To every piece of shit hunter, I hope all of you suffer a slow, horrible and painful death while you’re hunting. Big men with guns hurting innocent animals, little wimps without your guns. Fuck all of you and I hope you all rot in hell.

  28. Kc says:

    This truly disgusts me. I just do not understand how you can find a thrill in killing an innocent animal. I have one word to describe it, pathetic. Get a life you losers. All you hunters out there are a bunch of cowards, low life, scum of the earth, pieces of shit.

  29. Sally says:

    I don’t disagree with hunting altogether..if someone goes out and shoots something to take home and eat that is not endangered then fair play but trophy hunting and hunting for fun is really only for the sick minded people of this world to fuel their sadistic desires. Melissa has claimed to kill a Rhino…a couple of weeks ago the Western Black Rhino became extinct and sadly the White Rhino is set to follow. Basically we are taking over the earth killing and pushing many species to extinction. We are making a complete hash of the earth destroying, killing so why cause even more suffering which is unnecessary? Also the way she smiles with these majestic animals that she kills seems so wrong…why not enjoy these animals alive? I think it all comes down to how you are raised. My parents taught me to respect animals and people and be a good person and I can’t imagine teaching my daughter to kill and have no respect. But hey seems like the hunters will carry on until there are no animals left to enjoy and I expect at that point the hunters will start hunting people…it’s all very sad.

  30. lee says:

    what’s the matter michelle daddy didn’t pat you on the back enough. Weren’t faster than the other girls or smarter. Had to settle for St Cloud while the other girls went of to Ivy league. I guess you said you’ll show them all “look at me everybody, i just killed that big mean lion all by myself.” you must be so proud of yourself, you’re a big girl now.

  31. Robert Allen Howard says:

    I support Melissa. She’s got a long way to go to catch me though. I have killed literally tens of thousands of animals. Literally. I, unlike most hunters, only shoot guilty animals. Not the innocent ones that are so often the target. And as for any criticism from antis, “sorry dude. I can’t hear you. I shot another guilty yesterday from the warmth and safety of my shooting house with my huge gun and my ears are still ringing.” Don’t worry though I’ll be ok.

  32. Tim says:

    Melissa, We love you and support you fully in your endeavors. I suggest that the administrators send any death threat emails to the FBI and have them follow up on those. But you are an awesome Woman and I am very proud to have you on our side.

  33. michelle says:

    hope the hunters get hunted and stopped, vile disgusting human beings, do we still live in caves without access to jobs and money? NO! some people need to hunt for food but to hunt and kill for fun is twisted, all you who support the animal abuser melissa bachman are just too vile!

  34. Joan of Arc says:

    Our purpose is to educate people about the benefits of hunting and to fight back to preserve our rights to hunt.What a bunch of wankers..!

    Wolf Petition –
    Just found this on your site:
    We will call on Congress to:
    1. Immediately and permanently delist wolves in America.
    2. Place a stop on further wolf reintroductions.

    We will call on the Western States to:
    1. Immediately reduce wolf numbers to the levels that were originally agreed upon in reintroduction areas.
    2. Manage wolves in states that were never supposed to have wolves reintroduced into them and address the serious threat and disappearance of our big game animals.

    It states on your home page that you are doing so much good in preserving and increasing wildlife numbers, presumably so you can hunt it, why then do you want the government to take action to reduce wolf numbers when if you increased the numbers yourselves you could then control them yourselves.
    “serious threat and disappearance of our big game animals” again according to your home page you hunters are responsible for the increase of your big game by the millions,make your minds up..!

  35. Robert Allen Howard says:

    I have both a job and money. Money is very helpful when I’m buying ammo.

  36. NotABloodthirstyBitch says:

    I really wish people would stop defending Melissa Bachman (and similar hunters) actions. Yes I eat meat, from animals such as cows and pigs, which are not vulnerable or endangered species and which are killed for meat. This in no way makes me a hypocrite for condemning the actions of ‘trophy hunters’ who kill vulnerable species simply because they can, because they see it as some sort of status symbol. If these people were simply out hunting a deer for dinner then fair enough, but I will not condone the killing of less stable species for no legitimate reason.
    Please also note, that the killing of these animals does not help conserve the species as a whole, despite what these ‘trophy hunters’ want you to believe. And as someone studying zoology and very passionate about animal conservation, I think I would know better than some ‘more blobs than brains’ barbie-esque girl with a gun :)

  37. Robert Allen Howard says:

    Would you be happier if she was wearing a one piece over the kill chute at the slaughterhouse?

  38. DDRVietnam says:

    The bloodthirsty neurotic society that is America will fall victim to its own vices. As for people like Melissa Bachman, the world has a way of avenging itself in one way or another. I’m not religious, but I do believe in some form of Karma, so for people like Melissa and the rest of the scum who hunt for fun, all I can say is that you are evil people and sooner or later you will be punished for your actions. There is no place in the world for you, please kill yourselves.

  39. 1 hunter says:

    I am a hunter. The truth in this matter is as follows…. ANYONE who eats meat from a grocery store is a 2nd degree murderer, because you have paid someone else to kill your food. Death isnt pretty but it is necessary & has big rewards. The type of animal killed for meat makes no difference as long as it is used. I think any meat eater should at some point have to kill what they eat and if not visit a farmer that raises pigs or chickens, research what they are fed, look at the conditions they are living in and then make a decision if they want tokeep eating all of that hormone and steroid fed crap! The chickens you people eat are full grown in seven weeks if they go nine they get so big they cant support their own weight, now tell me there isnt something wrong there. I will eat a deer, fish, turkey that i have harvested any day of the week. Not only do i get to eat them but enjoy there beauty for years after they would have had a not so quick death in nature by having them mounted. “Trophy” I could go on and on but for all of those people that sit in the warm comfort of your house, clicking your mouses. Get off your ass and try to solve bigger issues like world hunger, genocide, war, ozone depletion, help with disaster relief. Do something other than bitch and complain. MB has done more to help than you can ever hope to.

  40. Arjun c c says:

    If one animal kills other for food. We ‘ll accept it, Its the way its been. Its nature. But what gave a human the right to end the life of an animal, the more considerable fact is that we don’t even kill for food. Taking a life for an pleasure and a couple of likes in social media, then Bragging about your hunting skill. Its a kind of cheap publicity. ” LIVE YOUR LIFE, AND RESPECT EACH LIVING BEING’S RIGHT TO LIVE IN THIS WORLD. YOU ARE NOT ONLY THE OWNER OF THIS EARTH “. If you cant give back something don’t go to take it.

  41. NotABloodthirstyBitch says:

    I have killed my own meat, but they were not vulnerable or endangered species and they were killed for the purpose of being eaten, not because I quite fancied posing with their carcasses for pictures and then mounting their heads on my wall.War, world hunger and the majority of those problems you listed above are caused by mankind and affect mankind, I am more interested in reversing the damage mankind has done on the natural and animal world by thinking they can do as they please with no consequences, driving species into extinction. These hunters speak of killing lions to “manage the heard” to ensure the future of the species (total bull but if they’re sticking with then fair enough) yet you complain at me about world hunger, caused by manning overbreeding and overpopulating the world to a capacity that it simply cannot cope with and the point I’m trying to make here is if you’re happy to kill an animal whose species is dwindling in numbers and needs to be protected in order to “manage the herd” then I assume you would happily do the same with mankind to manage the overpopulation crisis (assuming it were legal) yes?

  42. Quots says:

    I’ve never hunted before, but reading all these comments, I’ve decided to get myself a hunting licensee and go bowhunting with a recurve next year. Thanks for your encouragement PETA! You’ve prompted lots of new hunters to make their way to the ranges!

  43. john says:

    there is no skill or pride in killing a defenseless lion for sport. if you kill a deer and eat the meat, then i am all for that. she is not eating the lion meat, there is no reason to kill it. especially with the recent extinction of the western black rhino, killing of any exotic wildlife should be banned in all countries.

  44. Younghunter says:

    All of you that don’t believe in hunting I guess that means you don’t wear anything leather or eat any kind of meat? What we do, we do for food. In places like Africa that is what those villages live on. These so called “trophy hunters” donate their meat that they can not bring home to these struggling villages. Its funny too because hunters do not make threats towards non-hunters (and we’re the evil murderers!)

    Oh and for all of you Christians out there threatening, check your bible. It’s in there. Many times in fact. Even with weapons Genesis 27:3. And that is just one of them.

  45. Poste Restante says:

    Hope one day you will find out what it’s like to be hunted and die like dogs, you pathetic pieces of shit. All of you, including that bitch Melissa.

  46. anonymous says:

    It will be sport the day that the animals you are ‘hunting’ start carrying AK47s and shooting back. THEN AND ONLY THEN will it be a SPORT!

    You are a bunch of ASS-CLOWNS.

  47. Stefan says:

    You people are sick cowards. How can you enjoy shooting innocent and defenseless animals?

    Animalnumbers are becoming less and less and you people seem to not care? There must be something very wrong with you!!!

    Nuff said. If you have the urge to kill innocent animals then you should be prepared for 2m and 100kg of beating when I get you in my hands!!!!

  48. Brian says:

    Wow all of you are hypocrites. How can you say Melissa is cold when you want to see her suffer and die?

  49. Nick says:

    I find it quite interesting that the anti-hunters are very happily promoting murder but are decrying people hunting for food.

    As for hunting for sport… well I’m not a fan nor a fan of sport fishing.

    But when several (tens!) of thousands of dollars are going into wild life conservation in Africa for someone to shoot animals that have been specified to be killed i have no issue with it.

    Nor do i have any issue with Kangaroo culls here in Australia.

    I can bet that most of the people that are outraged over this have done absolutely zero in terms of wild life conservation… well they might have bought a ribbon maybe…. good for them.

    Its quite funny given that a lot of the hunters are also farmers and every farmer i have ever met has done more for environmental protection than most of the inner city butt hurt morons ever will.

    As someone else mentioned before and i shall do the same, i haven’t been hunting for years and rarely go fishing now.

    I think ill change that now and make sure i go out hunting and fishing much more often, thanks for helping my conviction in the matter liberal butthurts.

  50. david says:

    I think its funny that none of these anti-hunting activist have done much research. Most hunters harvest as much of the animals as possible. But for the people that are bashing on “trophy” hunters you are still in the wrong. Nearly every state have programs in place so that the meat from the “trophy animals” do not go to waste. They take the harvest and donate the meat to homless shelters and families that can’t provide for themselves. You all also fail to realize that some of these animals we hunt are decimating farmers crops (the same ones you buy at the store). The ones that don’t feed on these crops, are the ones that are drastically effecting the population rates of herbivores animals. Mostly due to the rising rates of carnivore mammals that are NOT receiving very much HUNTING pressure. Plus the fact that the money that hunters invest is a plays a major role preservation projects concerning national parks, wildlife reserves, and the animals themselves, especially endangered species. So for all of you judging our culture when you know nothing and have done nothing for these animals or wildlife, just sit back, educate yourself for once. No ones cares to hear your opinion if you know nothing about the topic. You might as well be a bunch of Hitler Jr’s. Trying to force your beliefs on our culture then threatening us with violence and murder (plus I’m sure most hunters would be more then capable of defending themselves so good luck with that one). You shouldn’t criticize something you have never experienced. If anything agree to disagree. Just leave us alone, we do everything we can to be a humane as possible and we have done more for these animals then you have.

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