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Illinois Congressman Bobby Rush is Pushing for the Ban on All Lead Ammo

With the recent of push of trying to ban lead fishing tackle, Congressman Bobby Rush decided to add to it by introducing a legislation that would ban all traditional lead ammo.

Bobby Rush is a U.S. Representative out of Illinois and is famous for introducing the anti-gun legislation H.R. 45 (Blair Holt’s Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act).

This House Resolution 5820 would amend the Toxic Substance Control Act of 1976 (TSCA) by removing the exemption included in the law for traditional ammunition.  It was that specific exemption that forced the EPA to deny the ammunition portion of a petition filed by several groups seeking to ban both traditional ammunition and fishing tackle.

At the same time Bobby Rush introduced this bill that would ban lead ammo and fishing tackle another bill was introduced (S. 3850) that would protect all lead fishing tackle. This bill was introduced on September 28 by Senator Blanche Lincoln (D- AR).

“If the petition is accepted as presented, all lead in all fishing tackle would be banned, which would substantially increase the cost of recreational fishing and negatively impact angler participation across the country,” said American Sport fishing Association (ASA) Vice President Gordon Robertson.  “Senator Lincoln’s legislation will help to ensure that future regulations on fishing tackle are established in response to scientific data instead of unjustified petitions.”

All sportsmen should oppose the 5820 legislation by voicing your opinions to your state’s U.S. Representative. This bill will raise the prices of ammo and fishing tackle 3 to 5 times higher and will have devistating effects on the hunting and fishing industry.

Sportsmen should also contact their U.S. Senators immediately and ask that they join Sen. Lincoln in sponsoring this legislation (S. 3850) so it will go through protecting our rights.

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