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Sportsmen Please Sign The Wolf Petition Below

Saturday, August 21st, 2010

Wolf Petition

We will call on Congress to:
1. Immediately and permanently delist wolves in America.
2. Place a stop on further wolf reintroductions.

We will call on the Western States to:
1. Immediately reduce wolf numbers to the levels that were originally agreed upon in reintroduction areas.
2. Manage wolves in states that were never supposed to have wolves reintroduced into them and address the serious threat and disappearance of our big game animals.

Please Sign This Wolf Petition


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We will also post urgent news on here regarding our hunting rights whether it’s coming direct from Washington or from your home state that may require you to take immediate action.

If you have something important and urgent regarding our hunting rights that you’d like to post on here, email us with detailed information and we’ll post it for you on this page.

You can now follow us on Twitter We’ll post updates on there as well when they come in.

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PETA Makes A Phone Call And Gets DA-Richard Smothermon Out Of ‘Chandler, Oklahoma’ To Press Charges Against A Hunter For Legally Killing A Wild Hog!

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

Dear Fellow Sportsmen,

I have some disturbing news and I’m asking everyone that wants to keep hunting and fishing to fight for our rights now and to take action on something I’m about to tell you.

Recently Hunters Against PETA was contacted by a fellow sportsman by the name of Ryan J Carretero out of Chandler, Oklahoma – Lincoln County. Ryan indicated to us that he had recently been charged with animal cruelty for hunting, trapping then killing a wild hog with a knife.

Ryan posted the video of the hunt on youtube causing PETA to see it, then PETA in return called the DA of Chandler, Oklahoma – Richard Smothermon to press charges of “animal cruelty” on Ryan Carretero. Ryan posted bail last Friday, May 14th.

Ryan is a law abiding citizen who has never been arrested before and is a stand up citizen. What Ryan did was completely legal and he was within 100% of his rights. He was hunting, trapping and killing a wild animal. He did absolutely nothing wrong. He posted the hunt on youtube which gave PETA a reason and ammunition to call the Sheriff and DA of Chandler Oklahoma and get them to press charges on Ryan.

In our eyes this is a very important case. If PETA can simply make a phone call to the DA and Sheriff’s office and get them to press charges for trapping, hunting and killing a wild animal then what’s next for sportsmen’s rights?

This is proof of just how strong animal rights groups like PETA are becoming and how dangerous they are to our rights as sportsmen.

We’re urging every sportsman who reads this to contact DA-Richard Smothermon and Judge Paul Vassar and pressure them to drop the charges against Ryan Carretero. Also we’re asking that you spread the word to as many people as you can to contact these people as well.

Strength is built in numbers.

We must make a stand now or we won’t have any rights left to fight for.

District #23
Richard L. Smothermon
District Attorney

Pottawatomie County Courthouse
331 N. Broadway
Shawnee, Oklahoma 74801
Phone: (405)-275-6800
Fax:  (405)-275-3575

Lincoln County Courthouse
811 Manvel Ave., Suite 8
Chandler Oklahoma 74834
Phone: (405)-258-1674
Fax: (405)-258-3136

Send an Email:

Paul Vassar – District Judge
Lincoln County Courthouse
811 Manvel Ave., Suite 8
Chandler Oklahoma 74834
Phone: (405)-258-1399

Mayor Tom Knight
Chandler City Hall
414 Manvel Ave
Chandler, Oklahoma 74834
Phone: (405)-264-5000
Fax: (405)-264-5099


Jason Fackrell
Founding Member of Hunters Against PETA
Join The Fight For Our Rights!

We’ve been asked many times for a link to the video. The video was taken off of youtube therefore no one can see it. However it doesn’t matter what’s on the video he was within his rights of taking wild game. The sheriff of Lincoln County has also stated after watching the video that he did absolutely nothing wrong and obeyed the law. It was the decision of DA-Richard Smothermon to press these charges due to a high amount of pressure from PETA.

Animal rights groups think and say any form of killing or consuming any animal is “animal cruelty.”  As hunters there needs to be no gray area when it comes to legally taking a wild animal, it’s black or white you’re on one side or the other. Every little victory for these animal rights groups big or small and whether we agree with the way the animal was killed or not puts another bullet through our rights as sportsmen and gets them closer to their goal.

When animal rights groups start dictating to us how we can take wild game and which legal weapons we can use to take them then our rights are already gone.

Montana Senator “remains committed to protecting wolf population”

Friday, December 18th, 2009

Our friend Toby Bridges at in Montana recently sent an email to Sen. John Tester after his response to a letter sent in by a sportsman regarding the serious wolf problem in MT.

The Senators repsonse was “remain committed to protecting wolf populations”.

Here is another letter written by Sen. Dave Lewis and Lobo Watch`s response: click here. The letter is Sen. Lewis stating his opinion on the wolf problem in MT which applies to all the Rocky Mountain States.

Please email your opinions and concerns to Toby so he may pass them on to the proper officials/politicians in Montana. Wolves are a serious threat to our deer and elk herds. Email: