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The Hunter’s War: Vegans vs Hunters by Blake Alma

Thursday, April 6th, 2017

Blake Alma is an award winning author who has written several books at the age of 16. His most recent book “The Hunter’s War: Vegans vs Hunters” talks about the war we’re fighting with the anti-hunters on a daily basis.

This book really sheds some light on the anti-hunters and their thought process.

It’s great to see books like this written that shed light on the big problem that animal rights are to our hunting rights. This book is a great read!

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The Hunter's War

The Hunter’s War



PETA says hunting is a dying sport….amongst other things

Thursday, January 19th, 2017

Funny quote from PETA, they keep saying hunting is a dying sport. Hunting for your own food is becoming more and more popular. Only 5% of the US are vegans/vegetarians and as many as 84% go back to eating meat. Americans consume more meat per person than any other country. Keep telling yourself those lies PETA.

“The vast majority of Americans oppose hunting—like most blood sports, it’s dying out quickly as more people recognize that animals are sentient beings with distinct personalities who love their families, value their own lives, and don’t want to die.”

“People who use weapons to massacre a living being for kicks feel a rush of power that they want to experience again and again. A mental health professional might recommend counseling for anyone who chases down and mutilates a helpless living being while cheering and giving high fives.”

“History is replete with serial killers whose violent tendencies were first directed toward animals…It takes a very small person indeed to enjoy traumatizing, hurting, and killing animals.”

What recently brought this all about is some idiots filmed themselves stabbing a deer to death. Click here to view the video of these imbeciles stabbing the deer.

Sorry to burst your snowflake filled bubble PETA but just for the record these idiots (poachers) are not hunters by any stretch of the imagination. Poachers are not hunters and this is not something a real hunter would ever do. Better luck next time. – Hunters Against PETA

A young girl in Ohio was recently shamed at school for shooting a deer

Thursday, January 5th, 2017

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Domonique Yatsko

Congrats on an awesome buck young lady!

“Let me lay it out for you: A 9-year-old girl from northeast Ohio, Domonique Yatsko, was lucky enough on the youth weekend to harvest a really nice buck.

She tagged the deer where it lay and checked all the boxes to make it a legal kill.

It was her first deer. Now, the family has a tradition that when one of its members takes his or her first deer, they celebrate the occassion, as well they should. In this case, that included getting a sweatshirt made with Domonique’s photo on it with the cleaned-up buck. No blood, no nothing to offend the senses, so to speak.

This is where the story takes a turn: Domonique proudly wore her sweatshirt to school soon after and was told by her teacher that “killing animals is not what we do.” Shaming, in other words. The way her mother tells it, Domonique was so shamed by the teacher and ridiculed by others in the school that she threw the sweatshirt in the trash as soon as she came home.

“We’re a farming family, and (ancestors) have lived in this area since 1827,” said Domonique’s mother, Heidi. “So, she’s used to raising livestock, planting crops, and planting fields for wildlife as well as hunting.”

Heidi took up the matter with school officials, hoping to get an apology for a perfectly legal activity enjoyed by thousands of Ohioans. Nothing more. One was not forthcoming, however.

“The principal’s quote to me was ‘we don’t have dead animals in school,’” Heidi said. “So, I asked her what they serve in the cafeteria?”

It is not lost on me that Domonique shot her deer on Nov. 20 – during the statewide youth season that is specifically geared by the DNR Division of Wildlife for just this sort of activity.

“She scouted the deer,” Heidi said. “She didn’t just shoot the first thing she saw. She practiced. She did everything right.”

Heidi and her kin all grew up as hunters, and weren’t afforded the opportunity of a special youth season tailored just for that purpose.

“There’s so many good opportunities out there now,” Heidi said. “We do the whitetail dinners for the youths, and she’s been involved in all of that.”

This was Domonique’s first year of hunting, and hopefully not her last. Shame on the adults in this situation for being so unenlightened. But, it’s just a reminder of a battle that we all face daily from the opposition that would love to put us all out of business.”

This is not cool. This kind of thing has to stop! Congrats on an awesome buck young lady! Keep it up! – Hunters Against PETA