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Anti Hunting News

Boys with stack of dead coyotes goes viral on Facebook

Sunday, November 2nd, 2014

Depicted in this picture are some young boys with a good stack of coyotes. This photo has been going viral on Facebook and has received a lot of negative feedback from the anti-hunters/animal rights activists.

We love seeing photos like this. Good job boys, that’s a beautiful stack of yotes you got here! Keep up the good work! You have our full support. – Hunters Against PETA

boys and coyotes

Never Forget

Thursday, September 11th, 2014

Never Forget


Texas huntress Kendall Jones is now under attack for killing a lion

Monday, June 30th, 2014

Similar to what Melissa Bachman experienced, Kendall Jones is now getting death threats from the “peaceful-loving” animal rights activists. “I hope next time you get hunted by an animal you heartless biatch!” wrote Eva Mulek on Kendall’s Facebook page. “You deserve it!”

Julio Pereira wrote, “Come to south africa and try hunt our endangered animals, you will be shot on sight and believe me, there will be celebrations.”

Having great form Kendall isn’t backing down at all. In fact she’s gaining support. Here’s what she had to say: “All the anti-hunters posting negative comments and sharing my photos on their page has helped me get over 600 likes in the past 48 hours,” said an unapologetic Jones.

Kendall was raised in a hunting family, she harvested her first animal, a white rhino, at age 13. A year later the Texas teenager downed her first elephant, a charging Cape buffalo, and a heavy-maned lion. A few weeks later Jones returned to Africa and bagged a leopard and a hippo, giving her six of the infamous “Dangerous 7” at the young age of 14.


The Sportsman Channel will be airing a show in 2015 featuring Jones and her amazing hunting adventures. We look forward to it. That’s a great looking lion Kendall. Keep it up, you have our full support! – Hunters Against PETA