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About Us

I still remember the day I shot that buck on that bitter cold opening morning, I can recall every detail from that day. It was my first big game hunt. I was 15 years old and was hunting with my father and cousin in one of my favorite places in the world: The Rocky Mountains – “The marrow of the world.” The Wasatch Mountains to be exact.

That day is by far one of the best memories of my life and with it came a lifelong passion that can’t be matched.

Like most hunters I constantly think and dream about hunting – literally.

The excitement and high I get from hunting lasts all year long.

Hello, fellow Sportsmen. My name is Jason Fackrell. I was born and raised in Utah. However I’ve traveled all over the world and seen many different countries but nothing compares to waking up to the Rockies every morning.

I’ve had the idea for a few years now to put together an organization specifically aimed at being against those who try every single day to put a stop to our God given right and love – HUNTING. Make no mistake, hunting is not a privilege, it’s a God given right. Every time I would hear a story about anti hunters purposely screwing up someone’s hunt, maliciously vandalizing someone’s truck, verbally bashing us or how much closer they are to their goal of getting hunting shut down permanently. Anger would surge through me – yet I did nothing.

Every single day they’re fighting against us, trying to persuade politicians to shut us down and take away our hunting rights – believe it. Every year millions of dollars and thousands of hours are donated to anti-hunting organizations such as the – Humane Society Of The United States – Peta – Friends of Animals – Defenders of Wildlife, just to name a few. The Humane Society Of The United States is worth more than $100 million dollars and raises $65 million dollars each year and they use a large chunk of that money to grease the political wheels to get hunting shut down permanently.

It wasn’t until February of 2009. I was browsing the headline news and saw something that read “Ashley Judd blasts Sarah Palin For Hunting.” Of course I watched the video that Ms. Judd had made that said “We need to stop Sarah Palin.” After I heard those words come out of her mouth I decided I could no longer sit back, do nothing and watch people like this try to take my hunting rights away. It was then I decided to fire back and say, “We need to put a stop to Ashley Judd and the anti-hunting groups.”

It was then that Hunters Against PETA was born.

Join The Fight For Your Rights!

Jason Fackrell
Founding Member of Hunters Against PETA

If you have any questions or comments feel free to Contact Us.