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175 Pound Wolf Killed In Idaho

From what we’ve been told this giant wolf was taken by a hunter in Idaho. This photo is making the rounds on the internet.

Congratulations to the hunter. Thank you, you’re helping to save our big game herds. – Hunters Against PETA

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44 Responses to “175 Pound Wolf Killed In Idaho”

  1. Robert says:

    beautiful animal – they were here long before us or big business such as “hunting” –
    but even so – - I understand the ranchers plight with the wolf –

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Why would they kill that beautiful wolf…..It is they natural instinct to hunt to feed themselves and there families…We need to understand that we do not own everything and we need to stop killing things for sport or otherwise….What a shame…we are just killing everything…And we have not right to…should be just like killing a person..Who gives the permision to play god with animals lives and not humans, They are just as imporatant as we are…..I am so unproud to be a part of this Society we live in..

  3. Ann says:

    Two thoughts come to mind as I look at this picture. One, if you want to save your big game herds, stop destroying their habitat. And, secondly, how sad for you that you take pride in killing something from how far away? Wow, what an accomplishment……no skin in the game at all. How very sad for you.

  4. HeadHunter says:

    Are you People Serious ?????
    Elizabeth: “It is they natural instinct to hunt to feed themselves and there families”
    Reality: And it’s mans NATURAL instinct to feed themselves and their families. Also man’s instinct is to also protect the helpless animals. I recently did a paper in college on wolves and their reintroduction. The original numbers that were considered to satisfactory to the activists level were reached years ago, then after the objectives were reached they continued to keep them on the endangered species list. Long after their original goals were reached. The real problem now is the activists and animals rights people, who worry about only one animal. A good steward recognizes the value in balance. The problem I am seeing from the responses is that you people want to see the “natural order” of things, but want to remove man from that chain. If man had eaten vegetables all along, where would he be today??? Man IS part of the natural order, always has been and always will be. If evolution is a reality then why do you think you have the power to disrupt that? Since you believe in God though, then why do you question God’s permissions? I am sure you know that in Genesis after the flood that God said to man that animals may serve as food for them. Clearly god saw animals as a lower life form. God never said let us make animals in our image. That was only said of his crowning creation – man!
    Ann: “… how sad for you that you take pride in killing something from how far away? …… no skin (skill?) in the game.”
    Reality: What skill is there in the wolf and it’s unrelenting hunting method of running down its game, severing their tendons so they can’t run, holding it by the throat while the others rip its stomach open while it is still alive ??????
    What skill do you incorporate when you sneak up on that juicy steak all wrapped up in the display? I guess you like others to do your dirty work?????
    The wolves are not the biggest problem facing deer, elk, and other “game” animals. It is those who have an agenda and a closed mind who will not see the need for balance but will fight for their emotional belief at the cost of all others.

    In your responses you seam to feel the wolf didn’t “deserve” to die. I ask you then by your terms: What did the elk or deer herds do that they do “deserve” to die (at the hands of wolves or man). Why do you give “rights” to the wolves and other predators but not to the game animals?

    These are just some observations.

  5. Cattle man says:

    The wolf’s have more of a right then the cattle. the Rancher allowed his cattle to be eaten by the wolf’s by not protecting them. He should be fined for habituating the wolf’s

  6. Steve says:

    Some have you have clearly devolved as human beings.

  7. cliff says:

    You wolf lovers have no idea what goes on in the woods, get out of your chairs and go into the woods spend a few nights were the wolves are and look at whats happening to the elk and deer and maybe if your lucky they will come in your camp at night then u will see they qre not the cute little animal u think they were, oh by the way take your dog and u can really see how nice the wolvee are, you wolf lovers are dumb asses

  8. infantrywolfkiller says:

    Elizabeth who are we too mess with the lives of a man, send him into war to die for his country for a cause that none of us clearly understand anymore? Who took over and became god and controlled what these men do every day of there lives, send them into combat with innadequate gear. You think you have a leg to stand on yet you mention nothing about the atrocities that are happening to your own people, I am unproud to fight for this country because of people like you. However I’ll put my picture in the front page of the newspaper and stand proudly next to any wolf that I or anyone I know kills, and not just for the sport of killing, because its much more than that. Take the bible and all that away from this and break it down to simple respect for your game, the sport that is hunting. I would not be able to justify hunting elk and deer if i did not balance out the other side of the ecosytem, the wolves were a great idea because yes that is part of the natural food cycle. But any animal that overpopulates (including humans) will eventually wipe out all of its resources and destroy the ecosytem that we were working to save in the first place. Everything needs to be managed, if they didn’t we would have no use for the fish and game and we’d let nature takes its course. unfortunately we already have a huge impact on the wildlife because of our infrastructures, our cities that you have grown so accustomed too. Before you throw rocks at others, maybe think about how you yourself can help the environment. 90 percent of all the hunters i know give back in some way to the environment whether its stream restoration or building habitats for the wildlife, or simply picking up the trash in the woods that some yuppy left behind. I challenge you to get out and make a difference like most respectable hunters would.

  9. Bill Rehberg says:

    It’s not just PETA, pal. We,the people that own that land that you are treating as though it was your own, you know the ones from all over the United States that voted and PAID FOR the wolves to be reintroduced…are getting pissed. I for one, don’t see that as a particularly macho thing, to kill and an unarmed animal that actually has more claim to that land than you do. Perhaps you should go to Afganistan, except the prey there shots back …and they want you phquin dead. You would pee your pink little pantys you moron. Maybe we should petition the government to sell a stamp for hunting licences that allow one stupid,knuckle draggin nose pickin, hunter a year. We can nail your sorry ass to a wall and put a picture of it on Facebook. I’ll bet you parents are real proud.

  10. Kent Millett says:

    I am sickened by the IGNORANCE of some of these people!! Like this “Bill”Rehberg moron who sounds like a pencil neck paper pusher that has never been in the out doors to see what prey and predators do. Idahoans did not want these wolves. As for your comment in your own words “I for one, don’t see” is right you don’t SEE and don’t understand! Who is it that pays to keep a balance of animals in an area so that they do not starve, get sick or are over populated, and put on the endangered list. Tax payers help pay fish and game and hunters that pay licenses and tags. Even if they are morons like your self. Hunters love wild life and pay to protect it. Hunting permits are given out from the Fish and game offices that go out and count animals and monitor what is going on and put together with food supply’s give a amount of tags that will keep the eco system in a balance. There are depredation hunts for elk that are damaging areas in and around homes where family’s live and children can be hurt. I is called conservation. People like you think that animals have more rights than man, that in the beginning was put here to manage them. God made man in His image not animal image. I am very offended in your comments about Afghanistan and referring to them as them being prey. You belittle our troupes and the work they do so that fools like you can have a opinion. It is liberals and uninformed voters like your self that have put our country in jeopardy like is is now!! Why don’t you “Bill” go to Afghanistan and make some friends! and stay there! Maybe you can just get your face on a milk carton and make the rest of us real proud!!

  11. ryan says:

    Big wolves, such as the one pictured above, have been documented killing prey animals and not eating them at all. They are are devastating animals such as deer, elk, and caribou. Not only that but they are nearly wiping out the native, and much smaller, timber wolf. These large wolves have even been know to attack and kill adult bears. These animals are hardly the sweet innocent animals some of you people think they are. The wolves do have a right on this planet. However, when god created man and told him animals will serve as food, man was put as the judge over which animals live and which ones dies . If these wolves, as many of the larger ones have, are killing livestock that is raised for income and/or food consumption, then there is absolutely no reason to keep these animals alive.

  12. Jim cutler says:

    If u think a 150 lb. wolf is unarmed you have obviously not seen their dental work!!!

  13. Man Against Idiocy says:

    You know, posting stuff like this eliminates all of your credibility when you start citing “documented proof” of the great evils the big bad wolves are doing by hunting their natural prey:

  14. HuntersAgainstPETA says:

    Man Against Idiocy: You must’ve not read the entire post. Not once did we ever say it was “documented proof” or claim that it was. If you actually read the text above you’ll see that. We took the Snopes link down you posted. They don’t need a backlink from this site helping them. FYI – is run by a liberal couple out of California. They’re biased in their “proof” and the majority of the “research” and “facts” they find are on the Internet. No credibility there. Try again.

    In the end it doesn’t matter where the wolf was killed. Wolves must be managed, which means killing them. We welcome all and any photos with hunters and the wolves they’ve killed. Whether its from Russia, Canada or America.

  15. jacob says:

    These animals just kill kill kill!!! They aren’t even Idaho wolves!!! These animals are from Alaska and Canada NOT Idaho so you dumb ass californians or people from the east mind your own damn business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Jim says:

    You always hear people say wolves roamed there before men. Well, wolves also roamed where New York City now stands. Maybe we should introduce them into NYC and ban people from killing them.

  17. Herbert says:

    It’s called life. If all the wolfs where gone from the earth cows would still die from something or another.Mankind has always seem to think that the only way to deal with something is to kill it off. I have 3 wolfs myself and will tell you right now if there are wolfs getting as large as these I will take some off your hands. Trust me if someone was hungry enough they would like someones cows too.

  18. Shane says:

    There must be balance people! The wolves are devastating the elk and deer populations, not to mention the domesticated farm animals, including cows, horses and sheep. These killing machine’s hunt in packs of up to twenty-five (25) and females give birth to as many as twelve (12) pups. How long do you think it would take these wolves to eliminate the deer and elk herds? Balance must be kept, and humans are the only ones who can do that.

  19. Rudenet says:

    Dear HeadHunter,

    In regards to what you said in your comment, ‘A good steward recognizes the value in balance. The problem I am seeing from the responses is that you people want to see the “natural order” of things, but want to remove man from that chain.’

    Talking about value and balance and such, don’t you feel that the number of human beings on this planet has already tilted the scales far worse than any other species. The imbalance caused by the exploitative nature of man has already taken a toll for the worse and it doesn’t seem too controllable either – whether it be in terms of providing himself with shelter (in forests that are the homes of other creatures) or food (even going as far as to hunt for fun, destroying forest land with industrial agriculture) or basically just snatching every resource that the earth has to offer without considering its consequences.

    There are approximately 7.2 billion human beings on earth, just imagine how far the “imbalance” has reached – in quantity as well as quality. Our machines pollute and destroy the environment everyday. As far as the case of the giant wolves or any other species goes, I don’t see them taking more than required from the earth and not giving back. Each animal has a role to play in the food-chain, and in order for that balance to be maintained those roles need to be played, but humans have expanded their roles far and beyond.

    If you think that those wolves are a hindrance, reducing the elk population, why don’t you also think that man is a hindrance to the millions of other living things out there and issue hunting licenses and hunt down the excess population to restore the balance of the system?

  20. Falkirk says:

    This is wrong and sick. pro-hunters say “get into the woods, see the reality, wolfs are not that cute, blah blah” but why not just respect the damn woods, respect the damn wolfs and leave them in peace? you don’t have to go in there to see any reality of any shit. You don’t have to kill for fun, you don’t have to see if they are cute or not. They are animals. their are savage animals and you have to respect them for what they are. Not kill them for your convenience.

    It is sad what is happening to this specimens, which are beautiful.

  21. murphy says:

    1st of all a few of you have typed “wolfs” come on if your such lovers of the animal it is “wolves” plural. second hunter is correct i agree 2nd we need to control and protect population and natural order. 3rd out of all the species in the world humans are the most dangerous to all and are the number 1 over populated species like hunter said 7.2 billion people! if an animal was destroying my livestock your damn right I’d kill it when it threatens my lively hood. Reality people wolves plural correct spelling, are over populated and dangering many people much like the bears in the east coast of the U.S we have to control even though the wolves are beautiful there dangerous especially when hungry! my 2 cents

  22. alex says:

    hey i live in Oregon and the wolves are coming here i hate wolves they will kill 5 deer and only eat 2 so who kills the wolves? exactly only humans can keep the population under control so you tree hugging faggots need to shut the hell up.

  23. lance says:

    Ok here it is for those that are against hunting and killing the wolf. For one, these dogs aren’t from here, number two I just got back from a hunting trip in elk city Idaho where the elk, deer and moose roam. I used to see lots of moose and elk but over the last 5 years I’ve only seen one moose and the elk are very scarce as well and I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. Wolves playing in the school yard in the late evening, that’s right where our kids, grand-kids play and so on. As the family tree goes and we as stupid people wonder why large cats, bears and other starving animals come to the larger city attacking people and our pets. They’re hungry too so the wolf kills all the game and what are they support to eat? So I say this, I would rather lose one, then all but one. So as a parent, friend, son, pet owner and so on I’ll kill wolves if I see it, shame on you for interfering with the way I protect and feed my family.

  24. Donna says:

    First of all there are not huge wolves in Idaho or anywhere else. They are just wolves and they hunt in packs to survive. They do kill livestock, pets and other animals because they are wolves. I live in Arizona and we introduced Mexican Grey wolf over ten years ago and they kill to survive. I don’t believe in killing animals but due to loss of habitat, huge wolf packs roam for hundreds of miles and their population needs to be controlled. We do the same for deer and elk, my problem is that you hunters should not go be so happy to take a life, any life. If the previous posts get there way then they might start hunting the hunters. Just hunt and keep the pictures to yourself, don’t make such a spectacle of your killings. Not the wolves, the deer, the elk and any other animal that you hunt. The fact is we humans are the reason so many predators have to come into populated areas. We have taken their habitat away by building and agriculture. The same goes for so many other species but we don’t care about them because the hunters don’t kill them and take pictures…. Just my thoughts here in the desert

  25. Sie says:

    Total Bullshit, the largest wolves killed in Idaho according to the Idaho Dept of Fish and Game are in the 130 pound range. They have not recorded any wolves over 140.

  26. lance says:

    Dear tree hugger,
    Ive spent 42 year living,hunting,fishing and camping in the great state of Idaho and so I make my self perfectly clear these are just wolves like your little timber wolves, I’ve seen many timber wolves in the wild and they don’t hold a candle to this breed of wolf the introduced to the North West in the 90s and yes they are much larger and the small town of elk city has been there for well over a hundred year hasn’t grown in fact the population has dropped over the last 20 year,population of about 200 so its not the people’s fault these dam wolves arena threat to the children as they play in the local school yard,its not about fun its about survival, we done even see moose here anymore just a few bone left over from there joy kills,wolves are Idaho’s greatest poacher

  27. Dwight Wilson says:

    It will be interesting when the wolf pack moves west and gets established on the Oregon Coastal Range, let the slaughter begin, no way in hell the fish and game will be able to control the outcome

  28. Dr. Pat Bloom says:

    The stupidity of killing a wolf like this is exceeded only by the killer’s sadistic needs.

  29. joe says:

    if u live in a population of 200 your life sucks and so do u

  30. Tabitha says:

    As a member of the NRA not PETA and a full supporter of hunting I can and do say there is a responsible limit to our behaviour. Hunting wolves or any animal without full review simply to appease a rancher’s complaints or just for sport is not acceptable. We do have a responsibility to weigh all the costs to the actions we want to act upon and not soley based on the money that slides back palms of the uber wealthy whether ranchers or cidiots for the trhill of hunting big game. The Basis used to kill for competition is unjustified. I don’t see competitions to take down the deer population which costs the insurance industry countless dollars in claims. I don’t see Turkey competitions for the stripping of the farmland that they do. This particular targeted competition is a well funded event that leaves alot of bad taste in the shady loopholes of how it came about. If you want to be a hunter then take full repsonsibility in establishing a competition that meets all the laws in the right spectrum of time this way you will keep the respectability that you so immediately stomp your feet about.

  31. Elmer Keith says:

    Almost all of you need to learn how to spell and use grammar. A bunch of illiterate people commenting here.

  32. preston says:

    Anyone know what part of Idaho it was shot. I am interested to know. My friend killed a wolf here in idaho. Go hunters.

  33. John Doe says:

    To Rudenet
    to say there is approximately 7.2 would be incorrect the exact amount of living human being on earth is for ever moving

  34. WOW! How gut turning to see this ignorant ‘person’ holding this dead beautiful animal. Does Anyone Really understand how BAD this is? This so called judge is allowing hunting of wolves on FEDERAL LAND! WHY? So ‘hunters’ can have all the deer & elk to hunt & kill! It does not matter how you feel about the wolves! The TRUE FACTS are the wolves are NEEDED VERY Badly to keep the deer & elk herds HEALTHY by eating the ill & weak animals!!!!!! Not the big, healthy, elk & deer the hunters want!! No predator wants to take on a strong healthy animal and risk injury or death!!! In the late 1980s I was traveling on the Penn. Turnpike and as far as the eye could see were several 1,000 deer lined up 6+ Deep, shoulder to shoulder, Trying to cross the highway on Both sides! The highway, Mile after Mile, was covered at least a foot or two deep in dead deer made into bloody mush from being run over countless times! The poor deer were skin & bones! THIS happened because ALL the large predators were killed off & THAT was the result! The Federal Land is supposed to be kept as it was 100s, if not 1,000s of years ago. This is a out rage and should be treated as such!* Not to forget our dogs came from these wolves. So close genetically scientists say dogs should be called ‘wolf dogs’. This ‘judge’ is a Moron!!! He is hurting the FEDERAL LAND’s HEALTH for ‘Hunters’!!! NO ‘Nuisance’ involved!!!

  35. Beth Jat says:

    Showing photos of hunters with dead animals leads me to believe this is more a macho sport than maintaining any balance. Let the wolves be-especially the ones in that very remote area where the trapper was sent. Pretty sad you are killing them and scary at the pleasure taken. Real men don’t need to kill things to prove they’re masculine. Stop raising livestock in these remote areas. For sure I will never by any product from the states that allow indiscriminate killings of wolves or mountain lions. They’re part of our heritage.

  36. Beth Jat says:

    No one is trying to take away your right to hunt. It’s the large scale killing and the cruel methods such as trapping. Hunt all you want. But don’t think you have the right to kill all the other predator animals out there or do it so that they suffer. There ought to be respect for all living things. Leg hold traps are vicious and cruel 

  37. anti-moron says:

    First I would like to say that anyone hating on hunters… You have no idea how important balancing the ecosystem. When I took my hunter safety course I made a vow to educate hunters and anti hunters. Since when did hunting become a political issue. As hunters we need to educate them and not feed unto their paranoia. Balance and hunting permits are LEGAL poaching is not. If the state made it illegal then you are more than welcome to bitch however if you just don’t like it then take it up with the DEC and state officals. What we do is an awesome thing for the environment. Do people honestly think as soon as we walk into the woods we start shooting… No. Actually most hunters leave the woods in better shape than when we got there. I constantly pick up Starbucks cups and fast food trash. As hunters we have more at stake than PETA. We love animals and cherish the woods. Hunters unite and teach uneducated people that we are needed. Cars kill more animals than hunters… That tells me something. Too many people are not balancing the ecosystem. We survived by hunting and will continue to survive because we are right and not as bad as they make us out to be.

  38. Benny G says:

    All you wolf lovers, just go find a herd of these guys, and play with them!

  39. ellen says:

    Stupid photo shopped picture by anti wolf extremist. There was one posted recently from Ohio falsely calling a trapped coyote, a wolf, and lying about its weight, 185#. The real terrorists of our wild ecosystems are the fanatic wolf haters calling for vigilante justice upon animal activists, for only trying to improve the welfare of all animals. We all know what has occurred in Idaho, the fanatics got their wolf kill, their ‘pet project, driven by anti-wolf extremists, creating more of a political statement than a sound wildlife management or cost-saving strategy.’

  40. Justiceforwolves says:

    I despise anyone who takes pleasure in murdering animals. What goes around comes around. To all of you who murder animals, you won’t get away with it.

  41. Ryan says:

    Hey justiceforwolves, do you take pleasure in eating a big juicy steak? Kinda along the same lines. An animal had to die to get that nice steak and you get pleasure out of the end result. Man has been managing nature from the time of creation. We are the only species on this earth to have a broad enough mindset to comprehend conservation across a large spectrum. Point in case: I’m sure a fish in a brooke doesn’t care about squirrel in a tree. Wolves, per this article, need to be managed just the same as any other species on this earth. As a human, I feel fortunate that god, or whoever or however you may believe we can to be, instilled in us, the human race, the intellect to bare this responsibility. Also, and this is hypothetical, if the predators in the animal kingdom were not managed because they are beautiful, elegant, ect, ect, and they eat things we depend on such as livestock, were do we draw the line? How much does a pound of hamburger have to go up for us as humans to say enough is enough, lets start managing animals. The point I am making here is balance is everything. Without prey, there is no predators. Without predators, there is no prey. If you are against killing some animals and saving some animals for balance, then I encourage you to come up with a better plan of action.

  42. Jo says:

    That is one big wolf. Good job and hunt on!

  43. Jo says:

    First off, I thought it looked photoshopped too. I just heard about that “wolf” yesterday. Coyotes around here are out of control.

  44. Letty Grayson says:

    kill wolves in order to have more elk to kill – pathetic way to get your kicks.

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