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175 Pound Wolf Killed In Idaho

From what we’ve been told this giant wolf was taken by a hunter in Idaho. This photo is making the rounds on the internet.

Congratulations to the hunter. Thank you, you’re helping to save our big game herds. – Hunters Against PETA

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88 Responses to “175 Pound Wolf Killed In Idaho”

  1. Ebony wolf says:

    Why do you kill a predator? The deer are overpopulated so there is plenty to go around the ~1000 population of wolf, I am not a part of PETA hell i even hunt (for food) pray animals. The things you should not hunt are cats or any felidae member nor any canidae member. You can kill the rabbits ,squirrels ,opossums ,raccoons, deer, birds. Not any predator especially with a gun because that is cowardly…you don’t eat the wolf so don’t kill it. If you think it is beautiful than take a Camara and take a fucking picture…or of any animals you kill and don’t eat or instead of nailing its head to the wall.

  2. John says:

    Oh too bad I was not there. I would have shot the human and skinned him. Stretched him out and dried the skin and hanged it to dry. Human skin is really nice to work with. Lamp shades come to mind.

  3. juls says:

    Taking the apex predator out of the food chain causes its own set of problems. They know that. Then you have too many rabbits and deers, and then people get annoyed with them and start putting poisons out, building endless webs of highways that make it impossible for the animals to safely cover the area they need to cover to find food, or just start shooting. We are the problem. We don’t leave them enough area to support themselves. You start monitoring their numbers too closely and you are going to run into inbreeding problems. They didn’t ask to be brought into a world that’s too selfish to make room for them and let them exist. As for the savage way they hunt or kill, it’s totally natural to want to protect your own animals that you love, but if they do attempt to make a kill, they don’t have hands, or guns or tools or ropes. All they have is their face. They have their paws to run with, and their teeth to grab ahold with, and then they are left with no other choice but to rip, so I don’t think you should hold them accountable for that too. HOw many steaks do each of us eat every year? At least we get to grill ours first. My point there is life is hard for these animals, especially animals of any size or strength. It comes down to they make a kill, or lose their cubs or starve themselves. Put yourself in their shoes and ask what would you do in that position? Fact of the matter is you are grazing your cattle on land, that you bought from a government, who by all accounts of how we killed all the indians to get it, didn’t really have the right to sell it in the first place. I understand the bottom line in business, but in this case, I think they need the break more than the ranchers do. All of our wildlife numbers across the board are shrinking. Do we really want to live on a planet of people, cows, pigs and chickens, because that’s all we’re going to have left. And God said you may eat the animals, he never said you must eat them. And so they are large and agressive. I’d think they would have to be. Just give them some space and watch over your herds, buy a bunch of Rhodesian Razorbacks or something. Just don’t go killing off whole families or packs at one time. They should be allowed to exist.

  4. 54. Cal says:

    Sounds like John is a tough guy. Come on out to Idaho with your pea shooter and let’s see what happens. All you bunny huggers need to realize wolves will be managed in Idaho, get over it. Maybe someday the feds will stick them in your backyard. And you all can go sing kumbaya with the wolves.

  5. Thomas says:

    Hi Cal.
    Jesus was a tough guy, and he had no gun.

  6. Brett says:

    Anti hunters, old women, kids raised by single mothers that grew up in a large city, people that believe that no one is smarter than Wayne Pacelle. Just major ignorance to the way animals think, they believe Disney cartoons are the way they live in the forest. They are just nuts and jealous because they can’t own a gun. Do us a favor buy your meat at walmart and stay away from Idaho. Oh that’s right they go to woods by watching Nat Geo Wild.

  7. Doc says:

    I lived in Kooskia, ID and made the mistake of going for a walking only armed with a 45. I left my AR15 in the house, I had to walk backwards constantly scanning after I heard noises which I believe was either a bear or perhaps a wolf, its no joke out there. I invite any city slicker to visit, and go camping without irons (guns for you folks who don’t savvy)

    God bless Idaho

  8. dduydj says:

    No I don’t live in the city. No I’m not a bunny hugger I eat them.Nor am I a little kid. I hate Disney!
    I know animals think differently from human and I already have a bow and arrow.
    There are about ten thousand wolves in the U.S. yet there are over 87.7 Million cattle and well over 1,000,000 elk.
    What the problem really is is humans overhunting.

  9. eric says:

    kill all the wolves, they are brutal on elk herds, deer bears and anything they come across. They kill for sport, so we kill them to keep them in check. Sorry tree huggers, Places in Idaho used to be loaded with elk hunters and it brought a lot of money to these small communities, with populations way down because of the wolves no one goes. All you dumb anti wolf hunters need an education. If they should not be hunted…. why is a tag so cheap? why does Idaho fish and game collar them and shoot them? why is there a season? BECAUSE they need to be kept in check!! Hunters do more for wildlife then any of u idiots have ever done. I bet if you were training your dog and watched a pack of wolves rip it to shreds you may have a change of heart, or if your livelihood was being stripped from you because of wolves you would be angry too. look at both sides of the fence, and take your blinders off.

  10. fg says:

    I do not live in Idaho. I travel through there quite often. That does not make this my business..I wish people from the east and from the coast would mind their own business. I do enjoy the woods, both hunting and fishing, but will not walk into the bush where an apex predator lives without a weapon, and cannot imagine the trepidation that a mother feels living next to an area where they have been released when her child goes to play in the backyard,. I admire wolves, but I would not want to live with them in large numbers

  11. David says:

    A few years ago a several generation rancher in the Dillon area of Montana went to check on his sheep. He and his father before him were creating a superior breed through genetic trait selection for 75 years. A pack of just three wolves slaughtered every one of these sheep in a very short period of time. In the interview with the rancher he got emotional because seventy five years of work was gone, he personally knew every animal. (This story is easy to find with a google search). Where I’m from, they kill ALL the moose calves EVERY year, what used to be a common sighting now us very rare. The elk no longer bugle, and the heard we used to see and hunt for generations is almost completely gone. The sound of a bugling elk is unmatched and no more. Wolves are a cool thing to see, but they are like no other predator in that they truly hunt for sport. The will run a herd of elk to the brink of death then kill them. They have been good for the bears in Yellowstone because they leave a lot of meat for them. They have decimated the Yellowstone Elk herd. The scary thing is, it happened so fast! They very seldom hunt deer. Mountain Lions are the deer predator, they eat about 52 deer a year. Man has the gift of trying to fix something and making it much worse. We do very poorly fixing what we screwed up to begin with. It needs to be remembered that MAN is the apex predator, and until someone wants to run naked in the woods and change that, we need to be responsible.

  12. Dan says:

    Hunting wolves is a must if you have a problem with this go do your homework since the wolves were reintroduces the northern elk herlds in Yellowstone has dropped 89% as of a year ago the annual elk count in northern Yellowstone was 4643 elk when back before the wolves were reintroduced it was 22,000 plus. For that area. Studies have shown that these wolves kill not just for food but for fun. I have been up hunting and have came across 8 dead elk where the only thing that was eaten was the guts from the elk. They where left to rot. The reason that I know wolves had done this is I saw the bastards and if I would have had a rifle and not a bow I would have shot one. I live here in idaho. I hunt and fish idaho. I am going to college into a wildlife studies . And the thing that drives me nuts are people that do not live here that think they can run my state and never have been here and seen what really goes on here these ass holes that have only seen idaho through a pitcher and thing they know what’s going one in our wilderness what is going on and happening to our wildlife. If you have not lived here and seen the what is going on then say out. I love my state and I will protect it to the best of my ability. The more wolves harvested the better our state will be. Until we get them under a management number we will have problems with our wildlife. There will not be a. Balance that there needs to be. And untill then the only one that are going to hurt are us small town people who rely on the hunting recreation activities to bring in the money so we can live and provide for our family’s. Thanks to the drop in our big game population. So did the jobs in a lot of areas for a lot of people

  13. Mark says:

    I do live in Idaho and don’t understand the fear people have with this animal. I hike extensively in the backcountry and have never once encountered one. Deer are everywhere, can’t believe a few wolves threaten as many game animals as we have. Hunters have blown this way out of proportion.

  14. stop says:

    Are you kidding me! Okay I get it if your getting attacked by a predator and they are about to take your life or someone you care about, then yeah shoot em’ or atleast scare them away, but dont kill them for fun or to simply get rid of them. That would cause the prey you usually kill like elk to over populate. Think thats good? It’s not. This just causes elk to eat all the food, meaning there wont be enough for the elk. And be honest you wont be able to keep it under control. All the elk will die. So will any of your “game” animals. The ecosystem needs to be balanced, for your little hunting “game” to survive. So be smart. I actually like hunting and fishing. Please dont ruin it, keep it alive.


  15. Dana says:

    Let me get this straight. You’re helping wildlife by killing wildlife? Do you not see the irony in that? Your poor excuses of wolves attacking humans and fearing for your lives is so inaccurate. Wolf attacks on humans are extremely rare. And there are ways to keep wolves away from livestock nowadays. Youre all full of poor, poor excuses that can easily be refuted. The only people youre fooling are yourselves.

  16. john smith says:

    Everyone knows the wolf kills for fun. Good shot on getting that one. Can’t wait for my shot at a wolf..

  17. otis says:

    Wolves are actually man’s friends. They keep the deer herds healthy and the rabbit population under control. They eat a lot of field mice and rats that eat a farmers grain. They kill any snake they find and they keep other predators away from farmers and ranchers livestock. They avoid killing man’s livestock because they know they would be hunted and killed. They make good neighbors and there has never in recorded history in the world of any unprovoked wolf attacking a man. Man is obligated to keep our wild animal friends safe from harm and we are obligated to maintain and protect their habitat. When they introduced wolves back into Yellowstone park they made a great improvement in the elk and deer and even caused ecological changes for the better in the rivers and streams. Wolves are special animals and the Great Spirit likes to see men protect our wildlife creatures.

  18. John D says:

    I live in the sticks of nc with the bear’s and the red wolf’s I don’t have a problem with them in fact bear’s are more of a pain in the ass.The red wolf’s were reintroduced here several year ago and there’s still a abundance of deer in the area.Last year my Chesapeake bay retriever was attacked by a black bear in the backyard.

  19. Bryan P says:

    Did they go around and find the biggest wolfs possible to reintroduce to Idaho?

  20. colten says:

    Hunting wolves is good for the environment it allows the deer and elk to reproduce without stress because the stress can effect the reproduction rate.

  21. Robert A says:

    I live in Nevada but I own property on the salmon river. I used to hunt elk in that area for years. Not anymore. Why? Because the wolves are killing all of the wildlife. One morning I woke up in my trailer on my property to find a small herd of elk around my trailer. Why? They are afraid to go into the woods. They would rather be around humans. These are not normal lower 48 states Wolves but large Alaskan Timber wolves! What idiot thought this was a good idea! Well, this will all be solved soon as the idiots who thought is was a good thing (fish and game and other wildlife officials) won’t get a retirement because no one wants to hunt there anymore and the money is not coming in. hope they all lose their jobs. God Bless America and may the liberals go to hell!

  22. Tanner says: For those of you who do not believe wolves attack people, read this. Notice there is one recorded in Idaho and we have the same type of wolves in Idaho as Alaska.

  23. Johnny B says:

    This is purely a selfish act on the hunters part. I get that some wolves should be culled however when the hunting season runs too long, traps are used and the animals are shot from air….hunters and decision makers appear greedy and cause unnecessary anguish. Actions like this should be handled more professionally and intelligently.

  24. jake says:

    The problem is not the wolves it’s too many humans and their livestock. If you don’t like worrying about the wolves and them eating you and your family MOVE. Otherwise your in the middle of nature just doing its thing the same way it always has before humans interrupted everything. You want to keep the wolves in check but who’s keeping you in check? Who’s keeping the human population in check when we are destroying these wolves natural habitats? We are all animals, humans just happen to be much smarter…well some of us anyways.

  25. TomWhe says:

    I think it’s funny how people don’t understand PETA Peta kills! First of all, they don’t help wolves. You don’t find many articles about PETA helping Wolves, or any other carnivore. They help Chickens, and Cows and other herbivores. Animal Rescue groups hate PETA… why? They KILL cats and dogs. They claim they kill dogs and cats that are not adoptable but check the stats, they consistently euthanize 90-95% of the dogs and cats they bring in. Where they are based in Virginia, they actually track down dogs that they feel are not treated properly, there are cases of them stealing dogs from private property to euthanize. Google it… they don’t believe in pets… which is why they don’t like the reintroduction of Wolves to places like Idaho… because to reintroduce means capture and release which means stress…

  26. Annah Detwiler says:

    I’m 15, I’m doing a speech for my speech class, it’s a persuasive speech, meaning I need to persuade my class on a decision I find important. What is it on? That hunting wolves in Idaho should be Illegal. Sure Elk might be at a low, but its not just because of the wolves, its us too, everything and everyone is contributing to the elk population going down. Wolves are important, there are more elk then wolves and yet you want o decimate whole wolf packs, and tear families apart for elk? that you’re just going to kill anyway, I mean come on! that’s stupid, irrational, and murder. If we stopped killing wolves nothing would happen. According to the last time the wolf and coyote derby happened, no wolves have been killed. I don’t know about you, but no major threats coming from wolves have happened really. Maybe we should keep it that way. I mean can you just imagine having to go through what they do, they may hunt lifestock because that’s all they have the strength for. wolves rarely kill for sport, because most the time they don’t have enough food to feed themselves.

  27. Bob says:

    Ebony Wolfe is the biggest idiot I have ever heard. Wolves have 2 litters a year
    of 6 to 8 pups versus 1 to 2 offspring for the deer. Do the math idiot. Besides
    Wolves kill just to be killing.

  28. Chris says:

    I can tell by what most write where or where they do not live. Wolves do not kill for the fun of it
    they kill because of opportunity. I was raised in Alaska on an island with wolves, after all the deer were gone they came to town and started eating dogs. Then we lost a small boy to them.
    Wolves need to be controlled. The elk and deer numbers are so depleted were I live I am now having problems with them and my horses. Now the wolves are having a problem with me,, they are all I hunt now… I know I am doing a good thing by controlling there numbers.

  29. Randy Lanzendorfer says:

    Man throughout history has gone to great length to eradidicate wolves and for a very good reason; SURVIVAL! The wolf is the ultimate preadator! In a pack, nothing has a chance to live! Welive in a modern world with modern wildlife management strageties that are very successful and wolves,especially the Canadian grey wolf, has no place in North American wildlife management strageties! The Canadian grey wolf isnot native to the lower 48 state and does not belong here! The people behind it have an agenda. The agenda is the end of sport hunting, pure and simple! They are naked as to what they want to do! We, the wildlife/sport hunting community have been very successful in our accomplishments of returning wildlife species which were near extinction in the early 1900’s back to record populations! Now people who could not feed themselves if it were not for grocery stores want to put an end to something they do not understand or are capable of doing (hunting,feeding themselves) by introducing a preadator that will destroy a century worth of work just so they can feel good about themselves! We need to ERADICATE the Canadian grey wolf if we want to enjoy the wildlife populations that we once had!

  30. ballen says:

    muricans and thier love for killing, if not in war then innocent animals that help nature not to over populate

  31. Fred Sanford says:

    The wolf reintroduced to Idaho is an invasive species, mother the Right cky Mountain wolf native to the area but the MacKenzie, a wolf from the Albertan plains. Larger and adapted to Canadian winters, this wolf ravages herds that could protect themselves from the smaller indigenous wolf. The MacKenzie is like the Chinese carp or the mussels killing the Great Lakes. It does not belong here and destroys native species.

  32. Kilby says:

    Much of the information on this comment board is completely false and it is frustrating. Both those for wolves and against wolves are making statements that are highly debatable if not patently false. Many assumptions are made about all wildlife and especially wolves. They are certainly unpredictable, they don’t always follow the rules as we think we know them. So many people on this comment board are clearly re-iterating information that they have gained from mis-informed sources. The pro-wolf people do not account at all for the livelihood of those that rely on livestock and game species when offering their opinions on wolf management. The anti-wolf people are generally scared of wolves and have been taught to believe that they are inherently bad – this of course is all relative. Who are we to destroy a species? Many people toe the line between the two contentious sides, but not enough. If some of you would do any research you would know that wolves have one litter of pups per year, generally being born between late March and early May. Average litter size can very greatly, 2-8 pups. However, pup mortality is very high, most wolves don’t live to see their second year. Therefore to say they have two litters of 6-8 pups that see almost 100% recruitment into the population is so far off base it totally discounts any argument comparing wolves and elk. Wolf populations can and do have huge impacts on prey populations, which definitely hurt the prospect of hunting these species. However, wolf populations themselves cannot grow unchecked until the point that the wolves have eradicated every prey species on the landscape. If that were the case then why the hell were there literally millions more bison and elk during the lewis and clark expedition than there are now – wolves didn’t multiply and destroy to some unfathomable level. Also the often wrongful accusation that these wolves are some Canadian super wolf is totally bogus. Wolves naturally survived just north of the montana and idaho borders prior to re-introduction and some of these animals were naturally re-populating northern Montana beginning in the late 80s. Do you think the animals that were likely occasionally in northern Idaho and Montana and the one shot in Wyoming in 1992 were that different just because there is an international border? The subspecies Canis lupus mackenzii (according to some geneticists) is the wolf that was reintroduced to the region in the mid-90s. It was chosen because it lived in a similar landscape and climate and utilized elk as its primary food source, just like wolves here did 80 – 100 yrs ago. Just because your uncle tells you the wolves that were here were tiny wolves and that the ones here now are giant super wolves doesn’t make it true, and it isn’t. The average female wolf in the N. Rocky Mtn. population weighs between 85 and 105 lbs., for males it closer to 95 – 120 lbs. Are there outliers that way over 150 lbs? Yes. Surprising? No – look at Shaquille O’neill, 7 ft. 300+ lbs, the average man is 6ft. and weighs 180 lbs – it happens. Wolves don’t sport kill, but in circumstances in which prey availability is very high they are more successful in hunting and often only eat the fat rich portions of the animal, typically the internal organs. Sucks for prey populations, but unlikely they are having a blast just killing – if you’re a wolf, one swat from a 600 pound elk hoof to the jaw will kill you, so you better be smart about it. One of the top three causes of wolf mortality is injuries incurred while hunting. Lets talk about this more objectively and realize that wolves are here to stay, there can be a hunt, but lets evaluate the real value each species holds ecologically and financially. We can probably find some common ground, compromise if you will. We shouldn’t manage for the bear minimum wolf population, but we don’t need to leave them untouched either. Just saying, think about it.

  33. Sharpshooter says:

    I live in eastern Oregon. In my area like others a type of wolf that was not native to the are was introduced. These wolves are much larger then the species that was native.

    I’m all for animals being in the woods. But these wolves are getting out of control! I’m and outdoorsman and a hunter and when I she more wolves during elk season then elk or deer there is a problem! I have ran into more deer and elk in townew in a day than I see in the mountains in a week.

    This past elk season to close friends that I know where stocked and charges by large wolves. Within 20yd. When I asked why didn’t you shoot it their replies where I didn’t want to get in trouble. So these wolves just got educated. These dogs that have started to just kill for fun are going to start killing or seriously hurting hunters and non hunters in the woods. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that we need to go out and shoot them all. I’m saying professional hunters need to take 1-2 wolves from each pack every year (in my area) to make the packs fear man! Other wise from from the reports in my area husbands, wife’s, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles,sons and daughters or going to be hurt badly or killed be these killing machines. I know there will be people that respond to this post saying I’m full of shit don’t know what I’m talking about and just wrong. All I can say is if you don’t live in my area I would be happy to do my best to transplant so of these killing machines into your backyard and see how you look at it when they kill all the animals around them and then put you in there sights. Have a nice day and think of the safety of the people that spend time in our beautiful woods.

  34. Nuno Solano says:

    When I see these old men, out of touch with the world and world events, smirking and lifting their trophies like they own what they kill, I m reminded that most people are in fact monsters. You own a license to shoot, you do not own the creature you downed. You re a zero, killing is for murderers, and therefore if you go out in the wild and you feel relieved after you kill, this means you went in scarred first, therefore you do not belong in the wild, and what you did was rape the earth. In practice because its legal, you re a naughty brat who needs to constantly affirm himself. You need psychotic treatment

  35. Dustin says:

    Apex predators strengthen herds by picking off the weak. Humans harm herds because when you look at a herd you set your crosshairs on the biggest bull. Weakening the herd. I love hunting, I won’t deny I love every part of it, the stalking, the killing and eating the meat. But you need to be mindful of the delicate balance of nature. We should follow things the way they were designed to function. Predators kill and consume prey at a sustainable rate. But we as predators are breaking that Natural order by killing whatever animal we think will look good on our wall.

  36. Bob says:

    People wake up wolf packs can double in size in two years depending on male, females born. There are already 108 packs (A pack is made up of a breeding Pair and is usually 3-5) and 55 boarder packs that no one can claim because they roam from state to state across boarders. With no control in ten years wolf numbers could go from 540 wolves to 2700. With no natural preditors to them there is nothing to keep them in check except hunters. Also have any of you witnessed a wolf pack take down a Elk well how would you like your ass hole and guts ate out of you while you try to run away from 4-5 wolves, sounds like fun Wake up FUCK TARDS….

  37. Idahoboy says:

    Listen liberals….Class is in session!
    Checks and balances of predators in Idaho…..
    Remember being a kid growing up in the big city?! Where the enlightened liberal teachers taught you a out of reality grasp on life? aimed to assist you in a life of hugging trees and always having an opinion on half studied issues? Well they educational system tottaly failed you! Checks and balances appear all around us in everyday life! One hand creates a problem…The other counters it out! I know! I know! Mind boggling isn’t it! Remember liberals try and breathe through this I know it’s world shattering info. So say a gang causes the problems. The police balance it right? The wolves are the gang. BUTCH OTTER is the sheriff! The wolves are alot like a gang because they senslessly kill for fun or sport or just to train the young! They waste the carcass and eat the guts for nothing more than sport. There are more than just elk and deer feeling the consequences of East coast liberal decision making! Little know fact carribou although plentiful in Alaska tundra, have a sub species called the mountain carribou. Last know herd residing where other than……IDAHO!!! What happens when the last seventy are tottaly exstinct because of your beloved wolves? Will you feel guilty? Will you March in the streets with signs for our carribou? No you will turn a blind eye! For thy is theost quintessential aspect of liberal mindset. The total disregard for other incidentals that have not been acknowledged by liberals,but making half cocked decisions to further a view that falls in their ideology while disregarding any solution that creates common ground! Idaho doesn’t try and make decisions for other states! Why should the enlightened liberal elite try and bully/ enforce views on people who live so so differently. Liberal guilt is a cancer! Feeling like you must surender livelyhood to right a wrong done by ancestors is idiotic! Apparently our ancestors had a foreseeable problem with wolves so we could expand our lives for the better! At least Idaho is walking a line of conservation and balance for all species! I invite you to walk through our back country without a weapon! Oh yeah there’s no safe zones out there like your used to. And your skinny jeans and house slippers won’t do very well out here! So……If your dress style doesn’t work here. I’m willing to out on a limb here and make the common sense decision that your world views won’t either. How about all the worms that get slaughtered and drowned to catch fish world wide? Are you Thier savoir? Are you Thier voice? Where’s your bleeding heart for all the innocent worms? Or mosquitoes massacred? You have alot of missions here I see!!! Pick your battles libtards, Idaho will never kneel to your elitist condisending idiotic liberal know it all views!!!! Believe that tree huggers!!
    Class is out see the world for how it really is!!!!!!

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